From Théâtre des opérations  François Michaud

The Jérôme Borel painting picturing a plane vanishing (La Honte, 2005) will always remind me of the drawings made by children I saw a few years ago on the walls of the St-Petersburg Psychoanalytic Institute. The drawings remained in the psychiatric ward where these children were treated during the siege of Leningrad. The man who showed them to us, Victor Mazin, insisted on the fact that the planes were facing us and the eyes of the pilots inside the cockpit had been drawn with precision. They were heads going straight towards the person drawing them, making the planes look terrifying. What suprised me was that I found that same look in the painting Jérôme Borel made, framed by a mask and detached from the plane fading away, but looking out with those same worrying unmoving eyes.

Extract from book Jérôme Borel ROMAN, isthme éditions 2007 (translation Théo Kuperholc, 2008)